Friday, 10 July 2015

Fantastic Friday Fotos

at the street fair
Can I just say I love vacation? And I get to go one next week, and sit on a beach by a lake, with a book. There might be sangria involved. And possibly a mojito. Or two.

In the meantime, a recap of events from the last month or so - they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are some - which I am terrible at posting, so if there are any BloggerGenuis people out there, drop me a (life)line.

someone graduated daycare...
and someone passed her swimming level after only 7 tries
Someone was so tired, he slept like a baby. Okay, two someones.

gigantic  pirate ship being built as a climbing gym at the Old Port. It looks ah-maay-zing!

 Facepaint! Always a favourite around here.

 Jazzfest! Hanging out, catching some live music, chowing down the Chinese buns. Being mortally offended that the fountains are not working and therefore cannot be run through, and tearfully insisting to be taken to the swimming pool.


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